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Mission: Give Kids Options and Access to Them.

Kids love to dream, big dreams.  Exercising their imaginations is a major part of childhood.  They love to build castles in the sand and castles in the sky! They like to build trains, planes and design clothes. They like to act in their own plays and create unique games for themselves.

The CareerBOP Databases will host content in a format that will help kids dream big.

When kids know what an architect does, they can dream about building buildings or bridges.   If they know what an inventor is, they can dream about inventing almost anything.  Career paths presented in a reality based and inspiring way can facilitate a child's dreams.

CareerBOP will give kids options and content that their imaginations can use to fly even further than castles in the sky!

CareerBOP will have avenues and a community for parents and teachers to help them share their own dreams with their children and students.

The above information is a brief overview, for details please contact Kirby

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