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       Delivering Career Focused Content
   Millions of children need a direction to the future;
   paths for them to explore and follow. Our purpose is
   to offer children career focused, educational content,
   in an interactive multi-media delivery system. Giving
   children access to 100s even 1000s of career choices
   before attending High School, can provide them with
   direction and help to lower the 25% to 40% of USA
   students who do not graduate from High School.




[ architect ]



Meaningful content
can stabilize
and strengthen
young minds
to accommodate
a spectrum
of aspirations.

[ sunspot ] INSPIRE What does an Astrophotographer do?
Stefano de Rosa truly captured the shot of a lifetime when he snapped this photo of the sun rising behind the Turin Basilica of shows a massive solar storm. Measuring 60,000 miles (100,000 kilometers) across, the massive sun-spot was first detected on May 5, 2012.  Mission scientists dubbed it a monster sunspot because of  its large size.   (@GuyKawasaki/Tweet)


EXPAND Let's Move!   First Lady Michelle Obama is reaching out to schools. Sign up here and get your school moving: letsmoveschools

Teen Jeopardy!  Meet the students selected for the Teen Tournament. Read interviews with the Teens here: Jeopardy Teen Tournament

LEARN What does a Computer Programmer do?  Tells a computer what to do!  Girls who Code has a Summer Immersion Program for high-school-age girls, who will learn how to build websites and mobile apps and start their own companies. Sign up here: Girls Who Code

[ rio ] GAME OlympicsBOP!  Rio became the first South American city to host the Summer Olympics. How many careers do you think were involved at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio? 11,303 athletes competed in 28 sports including rugby and golf. There were also coaches, trainers, architects, chefs, translators,uniform designers and photographers, to name just a few, who made this amazing event possible!  

The United States topped the medal table for the fifth time in the past six Summer Olympics, winning the most golds (46) and most medals overall (121)See more here: Rio


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