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Teacher asks:   "What are you doing?"
Little Girl answers:  "I'm drawing a picture of God."
Teacher:  "Well, you know, no one really knows what God looks like."
Little Girl:  "Well, they will in a minute!"1


This charming story may mean that this little girl has a talent; she might like to know more about drawing and where it can lead her.  Art? Architecture? Urban Planner? Animation? Teacher?

Children seek, receive, interact with and share content on multiple platforms.

Career Paths Focus Content.

HQ:  You are calling this a children's property, why?
Kirby:  The TV programming has animated characters and live cast members who are totally involved with the career subject matter.  The stories and experiences engage the child with career related adventures and learning experiences.  In that way, it's the same as any animated or live character driven TV Series and related products.

HQ:  What is the new, new thing here?
Kirby:  There are two.  The first is the type of content.   It will be subject specific content.  Career content will be the focus of the first Series.  The second is Databases for schools and learning institutions.

HQ:  Are children really going to be interested in careers at such a young age?
Kirby:  It's not about a child making a decision about a career path; it's a way for them to format all the content they are receiving into categories.  This is simply a new way for them to learn.

HQ:  Can you give me an example?
Kirby:  Sure, for example, a child may or may not be interested in becoming an Architect, or what an Architect does. But, they can relate to buildings and what architecture means.   In fact, with a brief description, they not only see buildings as architecture, but their home, school, church, synagogue, Dad's gym, Mom's office as architecture.

HQ:  Ok, so this is great then, it expands their horizons.
Kirby:  Yes, now when they walk down their street, or ride in a car, they will begin to experience buildings as architecture and start to notice the difference in building construction or age, for example.  And, of course, it can lead to thinking about becoming an architect.   At the very least it introduces reality driven content that gives children an option they may never have had without this type of programming and the resources that go with it.

1Michael Novak


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