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Helping Kids Own Their Futures

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KC USA, Inc. / Multimedia Kids Content Company

Market Opportunity:
World Child Population
50 Billion
USA School Population
75.5 Million
USA Toy & Video Market
$32.7 Billion
USA Yearly School Expenditure
$850 Billion
       No Child Left Behind
$25.0 Billion
       K-12 Private Providers
$24.5 Billion

Competitive Advantages:
1.   A Delivery System that keeps children entertained, challenged and actively involved in new ideas
      by employing the skills they use every day.
2.   Career knowledge presents a new way for children to navigate and organize information.
3.   Subject specific content delivers across all platforms.
4.   Ability to connect with national and world events to promote career content and knowledge.
      See Olympic Game scroll down homepage:  Game.
5.   Broad market reach to Children, Students, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Learning Institutions.

Global Brand Builder; TV Writer/Director/Producer; Start up Business Expert; Educational Psychologist; Multi-Platform Content Provider; Marketing/Focus Group Expert; Legal Representation: Entertainment & Corporate; Accounting Services; PR Agency and others, each with between 10 to 30 years experience, are advising the enterprise.

The Enterprise is seeking Two Levels of Financing:
1.   Pre-Launch; and
2.   Launch.
Please contact Kirby for detailed information. [this is whited out need to delete w/o losing format.Entertainment Products & Services that educate in a powerful multi-media format, can positively impact the lives of children.

The above information is a brief overview, for details please contact Kirby

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